Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lessons Lately, Part Two!

As a follow-up to our Career Fair and National Career Development month, we did a Snowmen at Work lesson in classroom guidance. We incorporated technology with our read aloud through iBooks, mirrored onto the Apple TV. The students LOVED seeing the illustrations magnified! On each page, we talked about each job that is portrayed. Snowmen at Work features a vast array of occupations, all demonstrated by snowmen: snow removal crews, dentist, mechanic, grocer, pet store owner, baker, teacher, magician, firefighter, librarian, pizza delivery, factory worker, big rig driver, and president of the United States.

We discussed all aspects of each career mentioned in the story, and students were asked to identify other careers that may be involved, but were not directly mentioned. They did a GREAT job of filling in the blanks and being creative in their thinking! After we concluded the story, students were asked to think and share what career they may like to have when they get older before completing artwork or writing. The students loved creating these projects and sharing them with the class. Each class did a fantastic job of thinking what each community helper would wear, and the tools used to get the job done! We also discussed what we need to do RIGHT NOW in order to achieve our career of choice.


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